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HackFS 2024 is an event bringing together some of the top minds and experts in Ethereum Ecosystem. We enable teams to make something great in a little over two weeks by providing an abundance of web3 resources like mentors, partners, and software.

Well, that was the introductory part for HackFS. I applied as a solo developer for this hackathon. Sadly, I couldn't make it to the second round of finalists, but I did advance through the first round. Nonetheless, the experience was awesome. They had good mentors from each of the sponsors with a dedicated channel on the Discord server, ensuring almost instantaneous responses.

My project's name was Rose, with the tagline "Smart storage solution built on top of IPFS & Filecoin, benchmarking deduplication process, and optionally enabling proof of ownership using ERC721. BUIDL for humans." This encapsulates the essence of my project. I built a platform in 2 weeks where users could store files into IPFS and Filecoin without worrying about file duplication or redundant data, unlike Lighthouse."

The common flow of Rose entails generating the CID of a file before uploading it to IPFS or Filecoin. It then checks on iJack Oracle, which maps the CID and returns a 0 (indicating no duplication) or 1 (indicating duplication detected).

The next step involves selecting graphical media (e.g., images, videos) and PDFs for proof of ownership. This process is robust and ensures that no identical file is uploaded to the decentralized internet. While IPFS itself never stores files twice but returns the CID, I integrated the proof of ownership feature into it.

Overall, participating in HackFS not only provided me with valuable insights into the latest DePin hypes and tools but also offered an excellent opportunity to refine my blockchain development skills. Despite facing time limitations, the experience proved instrumental in my learning journey, allowing me to implement new concepts and grow both personally and professionally.

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