React: How I'd respond to the Task for Frontend Engineer!

React: How I'd respond to the Task for Frontend Engineer!

TLDR; Well, I was just roaming around open positions for freelancing and I thought this entry level task would be worth to share.


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It's June 26, 2023, and 2 AM and here I am writing a blog for my wonderful people who've been waiting for my next article to be published. This article is about how I faced a frontend task for the position of remote frontend engineer.

Here's the source code for the task by Chameleon.

It clearly defines the task and solution they are expecting from any developer that is going to apply for the position. I'd rate this task as a beginner level as compared to what I've seen and there were many tasks that I was unable to solve in my career.

This task reminds me of the time when I used to wonder what the production, industrial-level code, and tasks would look like and the tasks. As I've written articles on before going to production and all. I've always pointed out a topic on reusable code and syntax. This task is all about the syntax and making code more componentized and generalized.

Before going to my solution, I want you guys to try it out by yourself. And let me give you a hint. There are lots of basic syntax errors per ES6 Version of Javascript. Not to be worried I'll add my solution as well.

My solution for the task is below and I'll never assure you that my code and solutions are always perfect and it solves all the problems thus, feel free to add comments and point things out. Happy Hacking!

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